Terms of Use

To sign up for any of the following activities (unless otherwise noted in the trip listing), There are six branches offering Mountaineers activities: Bellingham, Everett, Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma and Wenatchee. All members may sign up for any branch’s activities. The following information pertains to all club outings and activities, unless the activity preamble or the specific trip listing states otherwise. Refer to activity preambles for trip ratings, classifications and special equipment requirements. Trip registration can be taken by phone or in person. For course registration, please see each course description for instructions. All Mountaineers activities are open to all members, subject to registration rules and individual activity prerequisite qualifications.

Carpooling Call club headquarters between 1-6:30 p.m. on the Friday be-fore the trip for your carpool assignment. It is Mountaineers policy that each rider pay the driver eight cents per mile (round trip).

Waiting list If the trip is full, you may choose to be placed on a waiting list but you can only be put on one waiting list for any particular date.It is your responsibility to call club headquarters by Thursday before the trip (before carpools have been set) to find out whether or not you have made it on to the trip. If you have made it on to the trip and you do not show up for the trip, you will be counted as a ‘no-show.’

Cancellations If you cannot participate in a trip, or want to be taken off a waiting list, you must cancel by phoning club headquarters during business hours by the Thursday before weekend trips or two days before midweek trips. If this is not possible, it is essential that you call the leader and your driver or riders, if carpooling. If you do not show up at the designated meeting spot, and do not contact your driver/riders and the leader, you are considered a ‘no-show’ and may become subject to denial of various privileges. Riders who do not cancel with their assigned driver will  still owe the carpooling fee to the driver.

Party Limits  12 members, unless a lower or different number is indicated in the trip notice. A (W) at the end of the listing indicates the trip enters a designated wilderness area or National Park. Pets are not allowed on Mountaineers trips.